Saturday, January 8, 2011

Earth, Clouds and the Dirt in Yellowstone

Bob and Adam
Adam and I met in August of 2010 around the time I was told that  death was right around the corner after years of  abusing alcohol.  Many times prior to this news, my big brother Bill did his best to tell me directly to stop.  As a matter of fact, Bill is on the other side of Adam's conversation in the photo above.  I didn't listen to anyone then, but I listened to my doctor.  Most importantly I listened to Adam Edward Scofield who I knew before we met.  Adam and I took to one another immediately in a way that words cannot express.  He saw a need in me that I had which was despair, loneliness, and giving up.  He gave me attention in listening to what I had to say in a sympathetic, yet empathetic, way as though he had also had a close encounter with death's visit.  As our relationship grew to be as strong as it is now I learned that he also had rocks that tripped him while walking down a well paved road.  Adam, my ZenMan, was able to jump from the rocky road into the clouds where he enjoyed dancing and telling people his rather wry yet "ya git it" kind of shadow humor.  I tried to piece together his joy/frustrated sorrow as he told his numerous multitude of life as it related to him and (what I refer to as) his specialness. As we developed into being we as ONE I came to love, trust and appreciate him and, in turn, saw me through his eyes of sparkling blue that satisfaction and happiness can be achieved no matter what!
Adam Edward saved my life!
We all have areas that can use improvement as I did even though I have received accolades and praise in my work as a bank vice president.  Portrayed an illusion of confidence that brought a great career my way, good salary and promotions.  I still lacked something that Adam drew out in me.  One aspect of my personality is, and always will be, listening actively.  I sensed some ill feelings that Adam was having that turt turned out to be real and I had to address therm.  He has the ability to his dancing and soaring in the clouds yet he finds a way to come down to earth and get a taste of the dirt that is on the ground in one of my favorite places - Yellowstone National Park.
Problems will happen, negative situations will present themselves in an ugly way and we all must yank these weeds away from the good taste of the dirt, the soil, which grow.  Yes, my HB, one of the aspects of the ONE, weeds do grow in Yellowstone and together with your stronghold on the focus and the confidence we have together we'll get a taste of the dirt that covers the ground and get to the roots this time around.  It is not everyone that can appreciate the earth beneath the weeds.  I's now 9:19PM and we have things to do for your mother's visit.  Let's go get 'em done, K?  K!

Friday, December 31, 2010

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